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07052018 WOD

Volume Accumulation Warm UP:


4 C2B/PullUps

7 PusUps

10 KB OH Squat Dx/Sx

20 SitUps

Skill/Movement Prep



With the upper body holding onto the weight on the deadlift, it is important to make sure everything is locked in, which will allow for a safe position of the spine. The first thing to think about is the shoulders. These naturally want to be pulled forward by the load. Making sure the shoulders are pinned down and back in the first step.


Once the shoulders are pinned down and back, athletes can focus on what the arms are doing. The arms play a big part in making sure the bar stays close to the body. In order to keep the bar tight to the body, the arms have to stay tight to the body. Flexing the triceps and pinning the arms to the rib cage creates a solid, unchanging foundation that allows athletes to stay neutral during the lift.

10 Hip Hinges                                                                                                5 Deadlifts


A – Deadlift 3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1

Parti da un 40% del tuo massimale e aggiungi peso a sensazione         fino a trovare una singola pesante.

B – 3 RFT

3 DL@70%

6 C2B/ PullUps

9 Burpees Over


15 Cal ( AB, Row, Skyerg )

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